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Short Term Portable Storage in Christchurch

Friday, February 9th, 2024

The Best Storage Solution for Your In-Between Storage Needs: Portable Storage Units

Moving homes can be an awesome adventure OR an utter nightmare! How you prepare and how you proceed, can make all the difference. When you find yourself caught between move-out and move-in dates because your current home sold quicker than anticipated, or you’re facing delays in your new build, or there’s an unexpected gap between your move and settlement dates, our portable storage units in Christchurch at Storage2u are your perfect solution.

Why Choose Portable Storage Units in Christchurch?

Our portable and mobile Storage2U units are such a simple solution to ensure your valuables are handled minimally – only twice, to be exact: once into the unit and then out at your new residence. This significantly reduces the risk of damage and loss, making it the best and most practical option for secure storage of your belongings during transitional periods.

Tailored to Your Needs

For a typical 3-bedroom property, we’ve found that most families require 2 of our 12-pack units. Want to discuss your needs with us directly? We’re happy to chat with you!

Here’s how we streamline the process for you:

  1. Advance Delivery: We deliver the first unit at your convenience – well in advance – allowing you to start packing non-essential items at your leisure. We make sure that packing up and moving house is stress and worry free!
  2. Last-Minute Essentials: The second unit arrives closer to your move date, perfect for those last-minute essentials like beds and clothing.
  3. Stress-Free Packing Service: Juggling a family and after-school commitments can be a lot at the best of times, but when you’re in a transitional state, such as moving house, preparing to take an extended trip overseas, packing up to travel around the country, or heading home during the uni summer break, things can get really challenging! That’s why we offer a professional packing service to alleviate some of that stress. Our team are known for their space optimisation techniques and use superior protective measures like removal blankets to ensure your items are safe and sound.
  4. Easy Transition to Your New Home: Once you’re ready to move into your new space, a simple call to us ensures the prompt delivery of your essentials. And when you’re set to tackle the rest, we’ll deliver the second unit, so you can unpack at your own pace.

Understanding Your Storage Needs

We offer a complimentary in-home assessment service because we recognise that the need for storage often exceeds expectations! Our expert, Paul, will visit your home to evaluate your storage needs accurately, ensuring you have just the space you need, no more, no less.

We Make Your Moving Process EASY!

Moving doesn’t have to be so stressful. With Storage2U’s portable storage units, secure storage facilities, and expert packing services, you can have the best transition to your new home, you’ll actually love the adventure! Contact us today and schedule your free storage assessment with our portable storage units in Christchurch, and start moving towards your first hassle-free move.

Don’t believe us, check out our fabulous reviews, from so many happy customers, and many of them repeat customers! Click here to read (and come back once you’ve stored with us, and share your own review! Cheers!)


Secure Storage2u unit ready for transport after customer packing.

Pack with Ease, Store with Confidence.


Storage2u unit being used for short-term storage.

Storage2u Christchurch. Flexible Short-Term Storage Options for Every Need.