Get packaging supplies

We carry a large range of packaging supplies to help you with your move. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll deliver them with your unit when it arrives. Easy.

Our packaging options

Carton (Large)

Suitable for linen, cushions (510 x 380 x 585mm) – $5.50 each

Carton (Medium)

Suitable for kitchen things. (455 x 305 x 305mm) – $4.00 each

Carton (Small)

Suitable for books, heavy objects. (432 x 330 x 254mm) – $3.50 each

Tuffwrap (Recyclable)

Wrap pictures, wooden furniture. (1200mm x 75m roll) – $386.99/roll


General wrapping usage. (300mm x 100m roll) – $46.76/roll

Bubblewrap (Bulk Pack)

Suitable for packaging furniture. (1300m x 100m) – $172.79/roll

Bubblerap Dispenser

Ideal for plates. Each 300mm square simply tears off. (300mm x 300mm x 30m) – $43.18/box

Newsprint Paper

Cut sheets. (650mm x 800mm, 20kg) – $143.35/bundle

Tissue Paper, White

Acid free. (510mm x 750 mm, 1000/ream) – $125/bundle

Mattress Bags

King – $15, Queen – $9.50, Single – $7.80


100mm rolls – $3.90

Corrugated Cardboard

1200 x 75 mm - $96.86