Secure business document storage solutions give peace of mind. Self-storing important documents and goods can be tricky. There are many factors to think about such as flood, fire, privacy, security and more. Then there is the need to take into account the costs of actually storing it in-house, which could be better used for activities that make your business money.

Why not forget about these factors and let Storage 2u take care of it all? We offer a complete range of office storage solutions for businesses of all sizes in Christchurch and we’re certain we can be an integral partner to your business.

We go beyond just simple storage and can help your business stock-take and catalogue your documents and goods. We even provide free delivery for anything you store.


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Storage2u 2 Step Load and Store Service

Our 2-step load/unload move and store service is unique. It is affordable, convenient, and easy to manage.

Contact us to have a Storage2u portable/mobile self storage units Christchurch delivered to you today!

Self Storage Units Christchurch - S2U | Process
Step 1


We deliver Storage2u portable/mobile storage unit/s and packing supplies to the comfort of your own home or place of business. We park the unit where you want on your property for your easy loading at your convenience. You can load in your own time.

Self Storage Christchurch - S2U | Process 2
Step 2

Door to Store

When you are ready, we will pick up the loaded Storage2u mobile unit and take it to our 24/7 security monitored, temperature controlled, indoor storage depot for as long as you want.

Why choose us?

Let us handle business document storage for you in Christchurch

  • Same day delivery - We can provide a “same day” office document retrieval and delivery service.
  • Safe and secure - Our secure storage warehouse is modern, purpose-built, fully alarmed and monitored
  • Free delivery - We can pick up and deliver documents and goods free of charge
  • Stocktake and catalogue - We can provide you and your business with an “always up to date” list of your storage unit’s contents at any time
  • Versatility - Design your own fit-out to suit your business needs; we can custom make to your requirements
  • Affordable - Our commercial storage solutions are cost effective and most likely cheaper than storing on-site at your business location

Choose from three office storage access options

Option One

Access by appointment

Step 1: We deliver a shelved storage unit to your office/workplace (shelving is optional).

Step 2: You pack all the archive boxes into the unit and lock it – then you keep the key.

Step 3: We transport and store your storage unit at our modern, secure storage facility. You can access (by appointment) when you need to add or retrieve stored good.

Option Two

Frequent Access

Suits those who want regular access to files in their storage unit and are sick of paying ongoing storage fees to companies that charge for every touch of their files.

Step 1: You let us know what items you want put in storage and we pop by and pick it up at no extra cost.

Step 2: When you want a file from your storage unit, just send us an email or text. We bring the file to you at no cost. Our annual service agreement means you don’t have to leave your workplace; all your records & archives are safe and can be collected / stored in your unit for you.

Option Three

Ideal for Retail Outlets

This option is for those that own or manage a retail outlet and have insufficient onsite space to store all your goods. We also offer competitive storage rates for storage and warehousing of goods.

Included in this service is:
- Stocktaking the incoming goods.
- Providing you with an up to date list of the unit contents.
- Free delivery of stock stored in your unit. Just give us a call, text or email and we will zoom the goods around to your store as required.

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