Welcome to Storage2U

We’re a family owned and operated business. Paul and Sue have owned Storage2u since 2011. They have 2 children, George (12) and Mackenzie (8).

Paul, originally from the West Coast, has been managing all operations within the Storage 2u business for the last 10 years since taking over the business. He has a proven background in customer service and is known for his generosity with our customers. He always goes the extra mile to make their move that much easier.

Sue was brought up in West Otago and has been the Managing Director of Storage 2u for the last 10 years. Sue has over 20 years’ experience running and managing her own successful businesses. She loves getting to know her customers and finding a solution that will truly work for them.

We have got an eye on your things!

The purpose-built storage warehouse, in Christchurch is fully fenced, camera and security monitored, 24/7 and fully insured. Our storage units are stored indoors, with allocated vehicle space in the warehouse, popular for classic car owners and popular with caravans and boats owners. Close to Christchurch International Airport, storage facilities are ideally positioned. For extra security, the Storage2u our warehouse manager (Paul) is the only person who has permission to enter the storage warehouse, keeping strangers away and your possessions safe. If you need access; just call and our warehouse manager will forklift your unit to out on our depot so you can grab some belongings. And we will put it back, until you are ready to move on.

Peace of mind

At Storage2u, we know the ins and outs of moving and storage. We will keep your precious belongings safe and sound. The timber interiors of the Storage2u units keep your possessions protected from the elements, mould, condensation, and temperature fluctuations. Whether it is your household, furniture, business documentation, Storage2u 2-step load/unload move and store service ensures reduced risk of damage or loss of your valued possessions. Storage2u safety protocols keep stranger danger away and prevents theft.

Save Money and Time

Get things done in record time

Save money before the clock starts ticking – no driving! You will not need to hire vehicles and trailers or spend time multiple trips across town and risk damaging your possessions or harming your vehicle. You do the maths!


Easy and Convenient

Everything is done at your pace, make your experience of moving and storage as easy as possible.
Give us a call – we’re here to take the load!