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Most of us have busy lives without adding “Moving House” to the list, and worrying about household storage options. When moving and storing household contents, there is a lot of think about. But relax, in Storage2u you’ve already found genuinely affordable storage in Christchurch! Read on to discover how we stack up against your other moving and storage options…

Household Storage Option 1:  DIY – Hire a Lock-up

Then, you get to make a gazillion of trips across town to load your unit during your precious weekend/s!!  You also have to consider:

  • Do I actually want to hire a trailer or truck,  does my car have a tow ball?
  • Can I back the trailer up your long drive??  I know I can’t.
  • The BIG question for you is….  “What is YOUR time and money worth?”  There is always a cost doing it this way.

Household Storage Option 2: Hire a Removal Company and pay for triple-handling.

They would load and move everything for you. They then unload everything in their warehouse.  When you are ready, they reload everything and take it to your house…..   This is usually an expensive option.  And YOUR furniture is handled many times.  Duplicate handling not only damages your precious belonging, BUT do you get them all back?

But the Simplest Household Storage Solution of all is to use us…

Furniture removal ChristchurchFor several reasons:

  • You may have searched for ‘storage units near me’, but this becomes irrelevant because we bring your household storage unit right to your door.  Does this sound easy, or what!!
  • This enables YOU to be totally in control of the whole home removal process.
  • You can load it, or we can do it for you.
  • Our staff are trained and have many years of experience moving furniture, and we can probably load the unit a lot more efficiently because we do it every day!!!  So this is worth considering.
  • Your furniture only gets loaded once.  LESS HANDLING = LESS DAMAGE
  • Getting us to do the loading is way less stressful for YOU! Especially as you are- the one that is still trying to work, feed the kids, be a great husband or wife,  organise the power at the new house, connecting the phones and all those other good things that come with moving….  and did I forget the cat?
Moving house is tiring stuff and very stressful.
You should always consider the impact that doing everything yourself has on you and your family.
  • Using our team to load the unit is also so much easier and given a regular removal company would charge you to LOAD and UNLOAD and then RELOAD and UNLOAD, so not only is your furniture dizzy, it costs more to move…..
  • But  we are a VERY COST EFFECTIVE self-storage option   AND  Easy on the pocket  – is always good.
  • To top things off YOU can always access your furniture at an time – which everyone wants to do.  There’s no charge to do this and we always try and make access available as soon as humanly possible.
Our storage prices are determined by unit size and time in storage and gets cheaper with the length of time you need storage.
It ranges from $350/month for 1 months to $80/month Incl. GST for 12+ months.
Loading is a flat fee of $350 (incl GST)

Portable storage units - ChristchurchYour unit is then stored in our nice dry warehouse in Harewood.  Condensation is never a problem (unlike shipping containers). No one else accesses the warehouse except our warehouse manager. That means no one dodgy can set up a P lab next to your unit!

Our units are secure, we have cameras and monitored security so you can SLEEP EASY knowing that your belongings REALLY are safe!!

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