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Most of us have busy lives without adding “Moving House” to the list, and worrying about household storage options. When moving and storing household contents, there is a lot of think about. But relax, in Storage2u you’ve already found genuinely affordable house contents storage in Christchurch!

Read on to discover how we stack up against your other moving and storage options…

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Storage2u 2 Step Load and Store Service

Our 2-step load/unload move and store service is unique. It is affordable, convenient, and easy to manage.

Contact us to have a Storage2u portable/mobile self storage units Christchurch delivered to you today!

Self Storage Units Christchurch - S2U | Process
Step 1


We deliver Storage2u portable/mobile storage unit/s and packing supplies to the comfort of your own home or place of business. We park the unit where you want on your property for your easy loading at your convenience. You can load in your own time.

Self Storage Christchurch - S2U | Process 2
Step 2

Door to Store

When you are ready, we will pick up the loaded Storage2u mobile unit and take it to our 24/7 security monitored, temperature controlled, indoor storage depot for as long as you want.

Choose from three storage unit sizes

6 Pack

Suitable for boxes and small furniture items

6 cubic metres
1.8m wide × 1.8m high × 1.8m deep

10 pack

Suitable for about 1 bedroom unit

10 cubic metres
1.8m wide × 2.4m high × 2.4m deep

12 Pack

Suitable for a 2 bed unit (garage size)

12 cubic metres
1.8m wide × 2.4m high × 3m deep

Estimator / storage guide

4 bedroom homeSmall: 2 x 12 packs and 1 x 10 packLarge: 3 x 12 packs
3 bedroom homeSmall: 2 -3 x 12 packsLarge: 3 x 12 packs
2 bedroom homeSmall: 1 x 12 packLarge: 2 x 12 packs
1 bedroom homeSmall: 1 x 10 packLarge: 1 x 12 packs
1 person in a flat or shared bouse1 x 10 pack
Assorted boxes and files1 x 6 pack

Questions? We have answers!

We're here to answer any questions you might have regarding your storage. We hope these will help but if there's something more specific you need to know about feel free to contact us.

The units are made of wood, locked and stored in a central warehouse which no one enters except Paul our operations manager.  So there is no chance of a dodgy neighbour with there P lab in the unit next to yours.  The warehouse is alarmed and our gate is locked and monitored.

Yes! Simply phone or email 24 hours before you need access.

Absolutely yes.  Our delivery times are arranged to suit you.  We do however try to avoid weekend deliveries, because we have family commitments in the weekends.

You can order today and expect delivery tomorrow or when you would like the unit

No you don’t. As long as we have clear instructions you don’t have to be home at all.

While your contents are in storage with us, you have two insurance choices.  Firstly you can use your own insurer to cover your contents insurance or you can store with no insurance.  In the event of a natural disaster or fire causing damage to the units and your contents, you do need your own insurance.

Why choose us?

But the Simplest Household Storage Solution of all is to use us…
For several reasons:

  • You may have searched for ‘storage units near me’, but this becomes irrelevant because we bring your household storage unit right to your door. Does this sound easy, or what!!
  • This enables YOU to be totally in control of the whole home removal process.
  • You can load it, or we can do it for you.
  • Our staff are trained and have many years of experience moving furniture, and we can probably load the unit a lot more efficiently because we do it every day!!! So this is worth considering.
  • Your furniture only gets loaded once. LESS HANDLING = LESS DAMAGE
  • Getting us to do the loading is way less stressful for YOU! Especially as you are- the one that is still trying to work, feed the kids, be a great husband or wife, organise the power at the new house, connecting the phones and all those other good things that come with moving…. and did I forget the cat?
  • Moving house is tiring stuff and very stressful. You should always consider the impact that doing everything yourself has on you and your family.
  • Using our team to load the unit is also so much easier and given a regular removal company would charge you to LOAD and UNLOAD and then RELOAD and UNLOAD, so not only is your furniture dizzy, it costs more to move…..
  • But we are a VERY COST EFFECTIVE self-storage option AND Easy on the pocket – is always good.
  • To top things off YOU can always access your furniture at an time – which everyone wants to do. There’s no charge to do this and we always try and make access available as soon as humanly possible.

Providing the right solution for you

Professional furniture removal service by Storage2u Christchurch. New house for happy family, stress-free moving!
Between homes

Our current home sold faster than expected. We have sold our home, but there are delays in our build time. We need somewhere to put our furniture!!

Extended family having lunch at the table
Moving back home

Situation changed, need to consolidate, save money and maybe move back home for a while?

students study group, Christchurch University. Student Life!
Student holiday storage

Moving homes for the holidays and need somewhere to put your things for 3 months?

Efficient furniture removal by Storage2u team.
House Declutter

Are you decluttering to sell? Need somewhere to put all of it temporarily and moved to your new place when ready? Don’t handle it twice!

Securely packed items using Storage2u's services
Moving from A to B

Moving can be stressful! If you want to take your time unpacking it’s no more expensive to use our mobile storage units, and you’ll need less help which may make it cheaper, all while your belongings are safe, secure and dry

Storage2u's trusted storage services for travelers.

Going Over Seas? Going on OE? Or maybe you’re doing a retirement OE?

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