Student Storage in Canterbury

Are you about to head home for the summer holidays and need somewhere to store your gear? Do you trust your flat mates with the responsibility of looking after your valuable stuff when they don’t even seem to have mastered basic hygiene?

Are you severely car, towbar, and trailer deficient? Would you rather contract gastroenteritis than reverse a trailer?

Whether you realised it at the time or not, when you signed up to the student life you also signed up for an education in logistics. By the time you graduate you’ll have a masters in student storage with honours in surviving the tedium of constantly moving all your stuff around.

It would be half the hassle that it is if the time of year that you have to make storage arrangements didn’t also happen to occur right in the middle of exams, precisely when you don’t want to be dealing with it.

Hauling your stuff around from flat to flat is an unavoidable pain in the butt, but a lot of that pain can be easily mitigated by using Storage2u’s door-to-door storage service.

We will bring the storage unit right to your door, you can pack it at your leisure (or we can do this part too if you want) and we whisk it away to be conveniently redelivered to any new address at any time. And you can settle down to the joy that is studying for exams, distraction free!

Why you should choose Storage2u for your student storage:

  • Avoid paying for a room in a flat over your holidays simply to have somewhere to store your gear.
  • Enjoy our student rate – a whopping 20% discount off our regular rates when you pay in advance.
  • Flexible payment options: Credit card, internet banking (just forward the invoice to your parents, they’ll be thrilled to continue to help invest in your future), or direct debit.

Top Student Storage Tips:

  • You’ll probably need a 10 pack (10 cubic metres).
  • Share a unit with a friend to keep costs down.
  • We’re also perfect for when you’re heading overseas on your big OE.

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Storage2u are trusted student storage providers for students at the following tertiary education institutions:

  • Canterbury University
  • Lincoln University
  • Ara Institute of Canterbury
  • College of Education
  • English language institutes