Affordable Storage
Units Christchurch


a secure and water-proof mobile storage unit to your home


You pack your goods into the portable storage unit, or hire our friendly team to do it


We move it, or take your portable storage unit to our secure premises and store it!

Pack at your pace with our unique storage units and delivery system. With our mobile storage service, you can stagger your move and store your belongings at our Christchurch warehouse for as long as you need.

Going overseas?

Enjoy your overseas experience with your belongings safely stored in Christchurch, ready for your return.

Building a home?

If you’re between homes for a while and need a place to store your things, Storage2u offers affordable storage units and the ability to get your items as you require them.

Moving house?

Reduce your stress levels with storage that comes to you. Fill one of our storage units with less-used items and pack your more important things in a separate unit for last pickup and first delivery.

Student holidays?

Heading home for the holidays and need somewhere to store your gear? We'll bring you an affordable storage box, safely store it, and deliver it to your next flat.

Specialist storage requirements

Specialist storage requirements

Just because it's not listed here, it doesn't mean we cannot store it. Give us a ring to talk about your specialist storage needs.

Car storage

Popular with Aussies and Aucklanders with South Island baches or business territories, our secure car storage area is complete with alarmed access (inside storage only), security cameras, and fencing. Store your car in Christchurch – ready to drive another day.

Moving boxes

We carry a large range of packaging supplies, cartons and moving boxes to help you with your move. Simply let us know what you need, and we'll courier them to you in advance. Easy.

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Why Storage2u?

✅ Stress free packing at your pace

✅ No across-town trips or trailer hire

✅ Secure monitored, alarmed storage

✅ Friendly, local service

Storage units FAQs

Am i covered in case of fire?

The warehouse has smoke and fire alarms which are monitored. We do recommend you take out an insurance cover for your goods being held in storage.

Can i get in to my stuff whilst in storage?

You can access your storage units at our secure facility…and when you want them delivered, we’ll bring them… We would appreciate 72hours notice, but will always accommodate shorter notice if we can.

Is it secure?

Our building has a monitored alarm and camera system, the yard is security fenced, with multiple cameras and our gate is locked with a security chain and cameras. There is only one person who has access to the warehouse, so there is little opportunity for theft or issues between units. You have the key and we have a sophisticated security system at our warehouse.

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