Self-Storage & How to Reverse a Trailer, or Avoid it Completely!

Did you ever hear the survey statistic about people’s number one fear being public speaking? With the implication being that, fearing public speaking more than death, in a room full of people they’d rather be in a coffin than behind a podium.

It’s highly likely that people responding to this survey forgot the one thing even scarier than public speaking: backing a trailer under pressure!

Our website talks a lot about how good our storage services are, but recently we realised that we never boast about something else we are really good at: trailer reversing (a seriously undervalued skill)!

The hassle and stress (and fear) of having to hire your own trailer or truck and move your own boxes to a storage unit must surely be the biggest drawback of traditional self-storage.

This is an anxiety that Storage 2U completely removes from the whole moving and storage process.

We bring the mobile storage units right to your door and take care of all the trailer reversing and vehicle manoeuvring. You can then pack it yourself (or hire our team). Find out more about the mobile self-storage process here.

Remove the hassle from moving and request a quote or contact us with general enquiries.