8 ways Storage2u beats traditional storage companies

Safe Storage in Christchurch
The safety of your things is important to us, but would posting armed sentries at our storage facility in Harewood be a step too far?

Here’s our top eight advantages of choosing Storage2u’s tailored services over traditional storage companies. You’ll find we come out on top for value and convenience, every time (far be it from us to brag)!

1. We’re more cost effective than traditional storage companies. This all boils down to simple efficiency and your valuable time. You pack it ONCE into the very storage container that it will remain in at our premises, and unpack this container ONCE when it’s delivered back to you. Doing it the old-fashioned way, including doing-it-yourself with a trailer, or hiring a moving company, will mean an unavoidable minimum of two packs and two unloads.

2. Avoiding double, triple, and even quadruple handling not only saves you money but it also means your furniture and possessions avoid the risk of damage and loss (“darling, didn’t we have an Ottoman?”).

3. It’s a better experience doing it the Storage2u way. You can completely avoid hauling all of your belongings around town in a mad panic for the umpteenth time in your life (remember all those times you promised yourself ‘never again’)! We drop a portable storage container at your door and, after you’ve packed it, we’ll come and pick it up at a time convenient to you. This part is all free of charge!

4. Are you a bit of a control freak? Yes? Perfect, because you’re in total control of the whole moving process. You can pack how you want, in your time. You don’t have to stand helplessly by as strangers wrestle your precious things into the back of a truck. Having said that, if you’d prefer, our professional team can do the packing part for you (rest assured, they are very gentle, with safer hands than Chris Harris inside the 30-yard circle).

5. Removing this ‘self-haulage’ from the equation also means you don’t have to deal with hire truck companies and potential insurance nightmares. We know a Christchurch man who, in the course of driving a rental truck to help his uncle shift from Woolston, side-swiped his friend’s uninsured parked car at the very end of a hard day’s moving.

6. Planning on avoiding hire company dramas by doing it yourself? Unless you happen to be the world’s greatest trailer-reverser, this is a stressful indignity you can do without.

7.¬†Our facilities are so safe they’d thwart Ocean’s eleven. Our purpose-built, dry (condensation is never a problem), monitored premises are bristling with secure fences, CCTV cameras, and a high-spec alarm system to keep your water-proof storage unit safe. (we’d like to move forward with our armed sentry idea, but we suspect the council may have some reservations…)

8. You can arrange to access your stored gear at any time, free of charge. This is perfect for when you realise you accidentally stored your hair straightener.

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